Saturday, February 19, 2011

Holy god.

Holy crap, I haven't been able to get on Blogger and actually post for awhile. Been out looking for jobs then I lost Internet for a few days. Sorry about that guys, but in that time I was able to finish Dead Space 2, which will very shortly be up. Man I missed so much, gotta get to checking out everything that I missed.

Sorry about that everyone !

Monday, February 14, 2011


Since it's Valentine's Day, I won't be posting anything new, gotta spend some time with my girl but ! I'd love to hear how everyone's Valentine's Day went. And don't just say nothing happened, something must of happened.

And if you're interested, you should check out more videos from these guys. It's not what it seems.

Well here it is, kinda rushed. Back to Dead Space 2 !

I'm now around... Chapter 7 of Dead Space 2 and I must say, it is definitely an improvement from the first one. Now in this I will be telling how the game is, and none of the storyline. I don't like spoilers all that much.

It very much keeps the style of Gameplay from the first one, with the Floating Hud, Turning the screen with Menus, Shooting Limbs off. I've realized this one is a bit... darker literally, everything is pitch black and you'll be mostly using your Flash light to see everything. This is one of the few games that utilizes full 1080p Capability of the HDTVs out there, I've played a few others and was very disappointed it was stuck at 720p Such as God of War 3. I really can't see the difference, unless it's Call of Duty, but damnit I bought the TV 1080p lol Anyways.

The main character Isaac remains as seen in Dead Space 1, except you actually get to see his face ! The Rigs, The Guns, almost everything so far has been the same. Minus a few new enemies and its' much harder. Sorry this seems a bit rushed, I want to play some more.

I'll be updating every couple of Chapters or so, and then make a final Review on it when I complete it. After reading a few others blogs I'm trying to get the feel for actually reviewing things other than just spitting out news at you guys :p

Have a nice night.

Also, Cowsponge.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not quite the Review I had hoped for.

Now I was just thinking, and perhaps it's only me that thinks this way but has anyone else noticed the complete lack of difficult in most games being produced ? Now I'm not talking about being shot once and dying, being lost, etc. I'm talking about how Game Developers are trying to hold your hand throughout the whole game. I began playing Dead Space 2 as I stated last night in my last entry, mainly to scare the hell out of my Fiance but ! I realized something while reading one of the blogs I follow, who does excellent reviews on Games you should check him out. He deserves many more followers than he has but back to the topic.

Alan Wake Review Keep up the good work !

I've realized through playing many of these new games, Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, Metal Gear Solid 4, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, etc. That all of these games, save for a few have an Auto-Aim feature, now I'm not exactly sure why they thought this was a good idea being as you're playing a shooting game. Do you auto-aim in real life ? I sure wish I did. 

Auto-Saves/Save points EVERYWHERE, I'm only into Chapter 5 of Dead Space 2 right now, so that's why I haven't written a review on it but I've already hit about 17 Save Points in 2 hours worth of gameplay, I remember when games were quite a bit harder and when dying used to be something you're scared to do because you'd get thrown back pretty far. Maybe it was to alleviate repetition I don't know.

Everything. Dies. In. Five. Hits. I can't stress this enough, most normal enemies die fairly quickly in today's Video Games, now granted if the game warrants Stealth, and the fact its obvious you can kill someone fairly quickly I agree with it. But if they have a Barrier, Shield, And a full health bar, and it only takes one hit for me to kill them. Something is wrong, I'm always playing on the Highest Difficulty to get the most out of games but I just don't understand it.

Now I can think of one game in Particular that I heard was one of the most horrible games hands-down. And I had the time of my life with it, because it did not hand you everything on a silver platter, there was no auto-save feature and when you died you started over from the beginning of the level losing all of your "Money". Maybe it's just my style of game, Demon's Souls. I've played it quite a bit and enjoy it much more than most games, even though everyone else has told me otherwise.

Maybe that's just my style, maybe I'm looking too much into it.

I usually don't write long winded stuff sorry about that, but I've just been thinking about this for awhile. Love to hear comments.

Also, Dead Space 2 is great, I'd recommend it to anyone who loves this Genre and Gameplay style.

I couldn't help but post this.

GeoHotz, the one who is being sued by Sony. I just couldn't help myself from posting this Video. I really hope he kicks Sony's ass.

Also I need a few ideas for what to write in my Next entry. I'm thinking of changing it up a little and writing a review about a game I just began. Dead Space 2.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

As most of you already know, Nintendo has been marketing this product for quite sometime. The Nintendo 3DS, this was created as Nintendo was experimenting with 3D technology and attempting to use it for creation with next gen Products. Well, it seems that they've succeeded, after the NDS had its long time out on shelves. This will be out this year, sometime around May for us to have. Some of the new Features that will be with this product not seen of course in the earlier NDSs will be as followed
- An Activity Log that allows users to keep track of their gameplay as well as how many Steps you've taken with the 3DS on your person.
- Several Augmented Reality games, these are the ones where you use your camera to show Real life images on your screen, and the game will play from that. (Think of the PSP game "Invizimals")
- An improved messaging system, similar to that of Pictochat from the earlier models, allowing users to instead send messages via WiFi instead of just AdHoc.
- Virtual Console Service, although there has been some debate when it will be available. It was stated that this service was to be released as soon as the 3DS will be. But after looking into it a little bit, this is not the case, it will be available shortly after the release of the 3DS with a WiFi download to acquire this on your 3DS.
- 3-D Video capability
- And of course, as with Nintendo, Miis' are able to be ported and created onto your 3DS system.

This will definitely be a wonderful step in the right direction for Nintendo, but I wonder if they'll be able to outdo Sony's new NGP.

Have a nice Night.

Handheld Gaming.

It seems that a few new Handheld Consoles will be expected to come out this year. For just 299$ you can pre-order Sony's new handheld gaming console which is named the NGP. Next-Generation Portable or the PSP2, which features a sleeker look and one whole extra thumbsticks (Oh Joy).

We had our first glimsp of this product on January 27th, its features are... well as it is said a PSP2 so an upgraded version of what came with the first PSP. Two slots of your SD cards, better raised thumsticks, the same look as before except more rounded, increased Wifi card, and a quad core processor. Which can make this one of the more promising in Handheld Gaming.

Although it is not only Sony coming out with a new Gaming Console as most of you heard the 3DS will soon be one of the most widely owned Gaming systems. Around the Month of May this can be expected to be released and sold. As stated by Nintendo themselves, they are competeting against all Gaming consoles, not just Sony. I'll cover this Nintendo Device in my next entry, who wants to read a huge block of text ?

Have a great day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

PSN Is finally available

Through an ingenious but insane method, PSN is now available for all those people who use Custom Firmware apparently. According to one person on YouTube there is a long and difficult way to do so. Now I'm not going to post it here of course, since Sony seems to be going crazy. The last thing I need is the 1% Chance Sony tries to rape me but ! It's just one Google Search away, It has something to do with signing a custom Certificate allowing you to trick the Servers into thinking you're up to date. Sort of like the DNS server Bypass. That was once again patched.

Other world happenings aside from Sony, in the Mobile Phone world we have a few interesting things. Microsoft and Nokia are merging together for a better OS and Phone. As quote made by Nokia Chief Executive Stephen Elop.

"Today, developers, operators and consumers want compelling mobile products, which include not only the device, but the software, services, applications and customer support that make a great experience," Elop said at a joint news conference in London. "Nokia and Microsoft will combine our strengths to deliver an ecosystem with unrivaled global reach and scale. It's now a three-horse race."

It seems they're banding together to put everyone else in the dust. We'll have to see though. I think that's about it for now, I will post later if anything else happens in the Sony world, that's what I'm most interesting in lol.

Have a nice night.

Not too much has changed so enjoy this.

Sony has been able to acquire the HDDs that had their own meltdr keys that were used to Hack the Ps3, but not too much else has happened. So until then, watch the video, it all makes sense.

I'll be changing it up soon and posting more about Microsoft, Nintendo, and various other companies. Just need to look more into them.

Until then, have a nice night !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A not so rushed post. Sony, LG, GeoHotz, and other Devs News.

As stated in my previous post, Sony has been taking a harsh approach to anyone who dares run Homebrew or try to bring back a Service all Ps3 owners bought a paid for when they first came out. OtherOS, Which is exactly what one Developer has done. The reasons they have taken it away, what we bought and paid for ? Was nothing more then you could run Homebrew on your system via OtherOS.

That being said, Sony is attempting to Sue the popular company LG for stealing their plans with the new phones, not exactly sure what all that is about. But it seems like the new advancements on the PS scene allowed LG(Maybe speculation) at least that is what it will remain as, since nothing is for certain how LG obtained this information. LG is counter-suing Sony for the use of their Blu-Ray technology that they allegedly had stolen from LG.

It's basically a huge Sue Fest, and the main "culprit" in this all ? George Hotz, the same person who had won against Apple when he was able to Jailbreak their devices, and now Sony is trying the same thing. Sony has subpoenaed as I said before, YouTube, Twitter, etc, and many other sites such as in an attempt to obtain and locate the main Developers working on their own little Ps3 and Custom Firmwares right now. They even went as far as to attempt to secure IP addresses via YouTube from the people who even attempted to view a Video one of the Devs posted.

Now this brings in the question, if Sony wins, does that give them the right to do whatever they wish with all the products we purchase with OUR OWN money making it legally ours ? Or will we simply be renting everything we buy from them and allowing them to do whatever they please with our rented items.

Something just doesn't seem right here.

And a few days later...

Well, it seems that Sony is at it again. Up with their ban hammers and attempting to sue everyone that has even viewed a Video recently. In light of recent events and the newly cracked PS3 via GeoHotz, Sony seems to have gone ban crazy. Of course this won't effect a majority of the PSX-PSP Scene but still it is going to show just exactly how much money it takes to get whatever you want.

From their recent subpoenas they've issued have been to many of the more popular sites, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, among many others just to obtain the IPs of a few individuals who are most noted for Cracking the new Ps3s 3.55 Firmware.

This will basically tell the future of how far a company can go to completely strip everything we as consumers buy. Just because we've paid our 300+$ into some system, TV, or what have you now means that we do not own it. But are only renting such items.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

First post, breaking the Ice.

Well let's see, this is the first post of this blog. This blog will contain updates of the Gaming scene, as well as other tidbits of information. Woo ! I will get my first actual post up sometime in the very near future. As I have nothing better to do with my time.