Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

As most of you already know, Nintendo has been marketing this product for quite sometime. The Nintendo 3DS, this was created as Nintendo was experimenting with 3D technology and attempting to use it for creation with next gen Products. Well, it seems that they've succeeded, after the NDS had its long time out on shelves. This will be out this year, sometime around May for us to have. Some of the new Features that will be with this product not seen of course in the earlier NDSs will be as followed
- An Activity Log that allows users to keep track of their gameplay as well as how many Steps you've taken with the 3DS on your person.
- Several Augmented Reality games, these are the ones where you use your camera to show Real life images on your screen, and the game will play from that. (Think of the PSP game "Invizimals")
- An improved messaging system, similar to that of Pictochat from the earlier models, allowing users to instead send messages via WiFi instead of just AdHoc.
- Virtual Console Service, although there has been some debate when it will be available. It was stated that this service was to be released as soon as the 3DS will be. But after looking into it a little bit, this is not the case, it will be available shortly after the release of the 3DS with a WiFi download to acquire this on your 3DS.
- 3-D Video capability
- And of course, as with Nintendo, Miis' are able to be ported and created onto your 3DS system.

This will definitely be a wonderful step in the right direction for Nintendo, but I wonder if they'll be able to outdo Sony's new NGP.

Have a nice Night.


  1. I'll be stunned if this doesn't out do the NGP, Glassesless 3d and an Ocarina of time remake? and what does Sony have? A second thumbstick and a touch screen... ooh, inventive.

  2. friend got to play this at ces . so jealous

  3. I have heard some really bad things about this system from my buddies in the game development area.

  4. Excited. This looks awesome. Hope the critics are wrong and it's not tacky and horrible.

  5. NGP has all the makings for a better platform, but the 3DS has the library to back it up!

    As we all know, its the selection that wins the war!

  6. The design is so oldschool actually. I wish I could get my hands on one of these and mod it in a steampunk fashion.

  7. Not really that excited :( Not as much as I thought I would be =/

    Il wait for one of my friends to get it and so I can have a play and see what I think...

    Good review though!

  8. Incedible stuff from Nintendo, hopefully not completely bug-ridden