Monday, February 14, 2011

Well here it is, kinda rushed. Back to Dead Space 2 !

I'm now around... Chapter 7 of Dead Space 2 and I must say, it is definitely an improvement from the first one. Now in this I will be telling how the game is, and none of the storyline. I don't like spoilers all that much.

It very much keeps the style of Gameplay from the first one, with the Floating Hud, Turning the screen with Menus, Shooting Limbs off. I've realized this one is a bit... darker literally, everything is pitch black and you'll be mostly using your Flash light to see everything. This is one of the few games that utilizes full 1080p Capability of the HDTVs out there, I've played a few others and was very disappointed it was stuck at 720p Such as God of War 3. I really can't see the difference, unless it's Call of Duty, but damnit I bought the TV 1080p lol Anyways.

The main character Isaac remains as seen in Dead Space 1, except you actually get to see his face ! The Rigs, The Guns, almost everything so far has been the same. Minus a few new enemies and its' much harder. Sorry this seems a bit rushed, I want to play some more.

I'll be updating every couple of Chapters or so, and then make a final Review on it when I complete it. After reading a few others blogs I'm trying to get the feel for actually reviewing things other than just spitting out news at you guys :p

Have a nice night.

Also, Cowsponge.


  1. I'd like to play that someday.

  2. Interesting. Cool way to go about explaining it. Looking forward to the review (You may convince me on a purchase...).

  3. I'[ll have to actually play both before I can compare them :)